Sunday, May 30, 2010

The messages in "Messengers."

Hello everyone. One of my favorite bands is August Burns Red. I love their music because it is very loud and powerful. It truly is heavy metal, but the best thing about it, the message in the lyrics is amazing. I would like to share some of my favorite lyrics from their second album, Messengers.

Before I hit you with the lyrics, I want to point out that there is a lot of metal out there with great, strong messages like this, but all of these came from the same album. Almost every song is packed with phrases that I think about when I feel tempted to do something I shouldn't. I will never forget the things that are this powerful to me, and I hope you will agree with me after reading some of these.

Song: The Truth of a Liar

"Go ahead, partake in it, justify it, it will eat you alive."
(warning about pornography and drugs)

"Blinded by the inability to see beyond flesh and blood. Shifting blame with a log in your eye. Insisting that a string tied to your limbs is what's to blame." (realize that there is a god, and be accountable for your choices)

Song: Up Against the Ropes

"You've abandoned me, you've abandoned all of us. We've forgiven you, so forgive yourself." (forgiveness of others & self)

Song: Composure

"Life can be overwhelming, but don't turn your back on the strongest crutch you've ever had. They have always been there to brace your fall. Wave goodbye to the past. You've got your whole life to lead. It's time to gain some ground." (support and help are always there, look to the future and move on)

Song: The Eleventh Hour

"We've got news for you. The day is soon coming when turning your back won't be an option. You can compromise what you know to be true, and you can turn off all of your senses, but in the end you'll see that nothing stands between a man and his maker." (reference to the second coming? you know the truth, and you can make your own choices, but you will answer to God for your actions)

Song: Redemption

"I am just a man with a heart and sinful hands. I am a fallen victim. Lord, show me the way. I ask of you, Father, let my words be your words. Let my thoughts be your thoughts. To you I give my praise, show me the way. Take me in your arms. Never let me go. Lord, show me the way as I give myself to you. Never let me go. Hold me in your everlasting love. Be my strength. Be my voice. Be my glory."
(WOWZERS!!! That's good stuff)

A reminder: this all came from one album. This astonishes me. This is why I love the music I listen to.

August Burns Red, you represent christian metal-heads very well. Keep it up, gentlemen.

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