Sunday, October 3, 2010

Metal ruined my life!!!!

I absolutely HATE heavy metal. It has clawed its way to my soul, ripped it out, and beat down upon it with hatred and evil. I wish the guitar was never invented. The damage it has done will never be undone. It isn't even that catchy, when you think about it. How can loud guitars and drums mixed with screaming be called music? That's so stupid, and a waste of anybody's precious time.

Furthermore, I hope nobody ever reads my blog........FALSE :)

I love heavy metal. I am very sad sometimes that some of the above jabber is automatically placed on my favorite form of music before people have given it a chance. I understand that a lot of people hate it, just like a lot of people hate rap, or country.

Venting ---- Complete

Go find some music to bang that head to!!!