Saturday, May 29, 2010

How do you defeat an enemy? Hit the "toe."

My golf game is really coming together in many ways lately. I'm still crushing my drives, I am staying relaxed both mentally and physically, and I am hitting all of my irons and wedges the right distance. The biggest enemy in my life, my putter, is behaving much better as of late. Today, while practicing with the wretched flat-stick, I did something that I had read in Golf Magazine some time ago. I lined up the ball with the putter, but not with the middle line, but on the toe. As I did this seemingly insignificant act, I noticed very clearly that my putts were not only going in more often than usual, but when they didn't, they were tap-ins. If I can two putt all day long on the course, I can start calling myself a golfer.

I have a round scheduled for Monday morning, and I'm looking forward to seeing if today's success was merely luck. I hope not, I would love to begin to be a great putter, and then all aspects of my games would start to mesh and I could become a scratch golfer.

I wish that the answer to more problems in life was "hit the toe." Sounds more like a motto for a pacifists self-defense class. That's an oxy moron.

For you non-golfers that are reading, let me put today's lesson into perspective. Let's come up with an every day scenario:

You're driving to work, and there are cars everywhere. You are so stressed and feel crowded. You hate driving to work, and you're confident that you are going to run a yellow light too late, or that your front fender is going to meet the crossing guard's tibia. All of a sudden, you remember that you read a little tip in Car Magazine months ago. "Drive on the other side of the road." You veer into the left lane of a two lane road. All of a sudden, things are working in your favor. The oncoming traffic is pulling over, the crossing guard stays out of the road because she is afraid of what you will do next....the red lights are still a problem, however, so don't run them. Other than that, you have solved the problem. That's how I feel with my putting game.

Life is very good :)

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  1. It will take much more than hitting the toe to save my golf game. I need about fifty other tips as well...