Sunday, September 5, 2010

Christ Centered Metal = Controversy

Is it possible for heavy metal to be centered around our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I would VERY, VERY MUCH like to hear your comments on this post. This evening I was watching some music videos on youtube when I saw a very interesting looking video on the right side of the screen entitled,"Is Christan Heavy Metal Evil?" (Of course this sparked my interest) This was about an 9 minute video by a guy who calls himself jezuzfreek777, and he made some great points. I want to expand on these for a brief moment.

One of his first points is one I've heard many times. Not ALL songs are bad in regards to content. There are some Metallica songs that have a great message. For instance, "Master of Puppets" is not implying that Satan is the master, but is more of an anti-drug themed piece of music. It is the bands cry of warning to not let drugs take control of peoples lives.

The next point has to do with the sound of rock and roll, and how it can be misinterpreted. He plays a simple chord with no amplification or distortion. It does not sound objectionable. It sounds very clean and would be accepted by many to be a great sounding music note. Well, what if you are playing in a live show, and you have a few thousand people, you need amplification so your music can be heard. Also, you use distortion to keep your sound unique. It's the same chord. Heavy metal can be simplified, and it would sound very good to a large demographic. What kind of instrument is being played should not matter. If the point of the music is to glorify God, it is not evil or wrong. (I share this opinion)

This is SO the same point I've been trying to make for a very long time. If I thought that the sound of the music was offensive or inappropriate, I would NOT listen to it. I understand the argument that "if Jesus were here, he wouldn't like how it sounds." He may not, but if what I hear is the message of his greatness, power, and holiness, IS IT WRONG? (I am VERY interested to hear some responses, PLEASE)

My friends, this is something I have prayed about. I used to listen to a lot of horrible music that had horrible language and false doctrines. I made a conscious effort to purge these from my life, which I feel I have successfully done. It's a great feeling. I am still haunted by the fact that some do not accept my preference in music as anything but evil, satanic, and wrong.

I am grateful that NOBODY can ever tell me that I don't love the Lord. Only I can make that decision, and for that reason I have made the changes necessary in my life to feel that I can serve him effectively.

MORE CONTROVERSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A cover song of the popular Christian hymn "How Great Thou Art" has touched my soul. However, it is in heavy metal form. And, oh my goodness, what a stirring of feelings it has created. I completely understand that some may shy away from the idea of hymns being metal-ized. What "EYE" see (lol, pun) is an artist that really wants it's heavy metal followers to hear the great message that is in this great hymn. I already knew that my wife did not like the song as it is covered by Becoming The Archetype, but I asked her to explain her feelings so I could post them for you:

Me: "Mal, how do you feel about "How Great Thou Art" by Becoming The Archetype?"

Mal: "It is very disrespectful. It's such a sweet song, and it's about the Savior, so to hear it this way is very....harsh. I don't like it at all."

Obviously this is not for everyone. This cover song spoke to me in a way that literally made me cry, not out of sadness or hurt, but out of love and respect for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for me; The same feeling one might get from hearing this hymn in church.

Becoming The Archetype named their band based upon a scripture in Genesis. God created man is his own likeness, and in his own image. Jesus Christ was the Archetype of mankind because he was without sin. The songs written by BTA are very christian. I feel the holy spirit when I listen to their music.

Archetype - Epitome, Prime Example, Model, Prototype, Standard, Original, Classic. Definitions that can be used to explain the Savior.

One song that really touched me from the album "Dichotomy" is called "Self Existent." This song is about a man who witnessed the crucifixion of Christ. I would like to share some lyrics from this song:

"Into the darkened tomb
I walked but only found it empty
My mind is tormented
My soul is shaken
As a flame is tormented by the wind and rain
As the earth is shaken by an earthquake
My heart has accepted
What my eyes could never have believed
I watched Him die
I watched Him die
In the silence death is defeated
In my spirit the battle rages on
And then I stepped into the light
I heard His voice, I saw His face
And then He stood there before me
A man buried but never dead
My heart has accepted
What my eyes could never have believed
I saw Him rise
I saw Him rise
HE IS ALIVE! and reigns forever
HE IS ALIVE! He'll reign forever"

There is also a really cool song on the album that is about artificial intelligence vs. humanity. It really bashes the idea of technology defeating biology. One of the most powerful statements (because of the way it's delivered AND the message) on the album is made. "I AM NOT A MECHANISM, I AM PART OF THE RESISTANCE, I AM AN ORGANISM, AN ANIMAL, A CREATURE, I AM A BEAST!"

Thank you again for being patient with me. I feel very loved right now, and I want you all to know that as my brothers and sisters, I love you. We can overcome evil. I know this from experience, but also need to remember it as I will be tempted many more times in this life. I hope I'm good enough to live with my Heavenly Father again.

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  1. Ok here's your comment...
    I think you're right, no one can tell you how to feel the spirit and it's different for everyone. But I can't wrap my head around the idea that one song can at the same time bring the spirit to one heart and drive it from another, even though we have evidence that it can between you and Mal. To me it's not about the music it's about the screaming. I don't care what you're actually saying, if you're screming at me I'm not going to feel the spirit.